Breastfeeding Tea 60gm


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100% Organic wellness tea, this herbal tea has been formulated by Dr Amanda Waaldyk. This tea was specially formatted to support lactation and boost breast milk production.

Health Benefits:

-Contains sever galactogogues, great for increasing milk production

-Increases immunimuty

-Eases mastitis

-Reduces night sweats

-Balances hormones

-Supports digestive system

Suggested serving: 1 teaspoon= 6 cup refills. Just refill and sip all day, infuse 5-7 minutes.


Sweetgum fruit, Tangarine peel, Citrus, Chinese Wolfberry, Astragulas Rout, Angelica Root, Field Mint, Schisandra Fruit, Blighted Wheat, Vaccaria Seeds, Honey Licorice, Fenne. 


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