Baby Food Cube Storage Tray Blue


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You need these baby food storage containers ,giving you a simple way to store and freeze breast milk and purees into convenient 30ml sized cubes. Don’t waste time spooning your baby food into jars & trays, simply pour & freeze directly into your containers.

Breast milk freezer storage allows both parents and carers to use frozen breast milk as a fast alternative. Simply pop a few baby cubes into a wide necked bottle. Pop the bottle into a bowl of hot water and defrost milk. Store remaining cubes in a zip lock bag in the freezer.

Necessity: Perfect for introducing solids to baby or freezing breast milk

Smart: We’ve cleverly moulded the dividers onto the soft silicon lid

Healthy: containers are BPA, phthalate & PVC free

Forever: storage containers are made & designed to last for years

Imagination: can freeze just about anything into 30ml portions

Innovative: slim line design means they will fit into any nook in the freezer

Clever: storage lids ensure no freezer smells or burn

Expected: Max fill line makes sure you don’t overfill


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